Anthropometry in architecture

It is especially important to know the dimensions of the human body and to know what spaces people need to move, work and rest, in addition to knowing the size of the furniture and appliances to determine the measurements of the spaces that will contain them. We can know all this useful knowledge for the development of our daily life thanks to anthropometry.


Rethinking the use of shared spaces is a challenge. Its development has already been seen for several decades. Cities have tried to ensure that various types of traffic, be it vehicles, pedestrians or cyclists, coexist in their central areas such as squares and avenues, maintaining safety for all and the proper development of their social and commercial life.

The correct use of color in architecture and design

In architecture and design it is important to study each color tone, identify the effect it causes on people and determine which one is recommended to use in each space according to natural lighting, the distribution of spaces, and the characteristics of those who inhabit it .

Lighting at work

Good lighting can strengthen the interior design, but poor lighting can reduce the desired effect on the design of the place, in this case the workplace.

The construction process of architecture and design in the collective imagination

What we may or may not know about architecture and design has been built in the collective imagination through our own construction of culture, often influenced by the media.


My name is Natalie Amorós, I am Peruvian, and I am the creator of R3Dstudio. In Peru, I first graduated as an Interior Designer, then as a 3D designer. I have worked for several design and architecture studios as an assistant and design consultant and have completed training in countries such as Argentina and Austria.

My professional experience has allowed me to work from furniture design to project development, I am skilled with 2D and 3D software, which helps companies and clients to have a more precise vision of the final representation of the project.

In 2014, I created R3Dstudio in Lima, Peru, a creative space with experts from the world of architecture, design and construction. Since my arrival in France, I have participated in various projects and in 2019 I decided to relaunch R3Dstudio with a proposal adapted to the French market.

In order to support you in your renovation projects, I offer you tailored and personalized services. From design to project delivery, I will put my experience and knowledge at your service.

My mission is to create and give style to your interior


Diseño de interior

Interior design

A detailed study according to the needs and budgets of each client.

Decoración de interior


The purchase and staging of your furniture and decorative elements.

Home staging

Home staging

Valuation of properties to prepare everything necessary for sale.

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