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Currently, the kitchen has become the part with more life inside the home. No matter how many square meters it is, in this new blog post from R3Dstudio we will give you 5 deco tips that will help you so you can make the most of each corner and highlight your kitchen even more.

Tip # 1 “niches and shelves”
Less “massive” than the cabinets and more “decorative”, the niches and the shelves bring a light storage solution while highlighting the beauty of the kitchen.
The current trend invites us to use niches and shelves as they are practical for the placement of utensils and everyday objects, as well as can also be used to place pots, plants, vases or any other decorative element.

Tip # 2 “The atypical is timeless!
Developing a kitchen type ” corridor ” requires a good study of the implementation of the elements, respect the logic of the tasks and offer a maximum work plan. If space allows, you can also add an element in parallel or in U, to delimit the space.
It is necessary to avoid as much as possible installing tall furniture, which obstructs the space. However, a column or two together can accommodate the built-in appliances, you can also complement niches, shelves.

Tip # 3 “Small but super effective”
That a kitchen is small does not mean bad or badly done. There are many solutions to transform a few square meters into an ergonomic, practical and functional kitchen

Tip # 4 “Chic and functional extractors”
In addition to being very useful, now they are aesthetic. Bells or extractors are part of the style of the kitchen and can make a difference. The current trend is also to use them as storage space. You can choose between different styles or features, hidden, colorful, natural, pendant, etc.

Tip # 5 “multipurpose backsplash”
Depending on the style of the kitchen, the backsplash can also serve to store and organize since everything is at your fingertips and you can play with materials or textures.
In a loft kitchen, for example, wood is the supreme queen. To accompany a natural environment, you can also adopt this material. In addition, the accessories give a true unity to the design of the kitchen, while creating a style that evokes the professional world.

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