The apartment is part of the “Residence de France”, designed by architect Georges Candilis. Located on the 10th floor facing west, the apartment enjoys a magnificent sea view (marina and outer harbor).

Originally, the living room was a smaller space, which was enlarged by knocking down the walls that limited it (entrance, kitchen, and dining room). Today it is the largest room in the apartment. The wood-type flooring starts from the entrance and extends throughout the room, providing visual continuity with the sub spaces.

The biggest element of the living room is the TV cabinet, it is composed of a floating cabinet that serves as storage and extends to the fireplace. This is framed by a hanging cabinet, the television being the dynamic part of the composition.

The dining area is distinguished by its bronze-colored pendant light in the shape of an atom. We have arranged brightly colored chairs around the dark grey extendable table to bring cheerfulness to the room. Also, a support sideboard has been added for the storage of dishes, with wavy lines evoking movement.

Finally, we opted for a refined decoration for the two bathrooms. In the largest one, the storage is set in into the wall, thus facilitating accessibility. The floor covering is dark grey to highlight the marble-type tiling and the vanity unit.

The second bathroom is more compact but very functional, its mosaic, in neutral and shiny tones, gives a feeling of depth and relief to the room.

  • Location: Le Havre, France
  • Client: Particular
  • Photography: Vincent Rustuel
  • Year: 2021

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