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Living with many under the same roof, an almost compulsory world for students and young workers, but also for the elderly. The more tenants are under the same roof, the more difficult it will be to not generate misunderstandings. Avoid the problem by multiplying the communication channels through the decoration. In this super special post presented by R3Dstudio, we give you the 5 golden rules that you must not forget.

Rule # 1 Provides a large reception area

The living room is usually a common room. It is important that it is big enough to be able to receive friends and family, ” It is the coexistence room for excellence ”, so this space should be cozy and practical. In the living room, we must place a large sofa with cushions, armchairs as well as we can add a beautiful coffee table. Finally, in the dining area the main table and as for the deco, we can play the neutrality card with sober tones and simple decorative elements to adapt to the tastes of each one.

Rule # 2 Invest in modular furniture

Some get up early, others work at home, others come back late at night. The pace of life when you go in a shared space is in turn, it depends on the time of each one, hence the need to make common parts easy and practical. live, whatever the time of day. Do not hesitate to use modular furniture, two in one or convertibles … Think also of furniture with easily moving wheels.

Rule # 3 Delimits the spaces

If in the rooms, everyone can decorate and organize the space as they see fit, the functions of the living rooms, when they are open, must be correctly identified. A corner “common office” in the living room, a mini-dining area only in the kitchen … Create a room with panels, a wall hanging carpet, colored adhesive for on the floor and walls for delimit spaces. All this is very important so that everyone feels in their place and does not invade the space of other inhabitants.

Rule # 4 Manage domestic work

The number one cause of disputes between roommates is the distribution of housework! The solution to avoid vendetta! Put a task table in the hallway or the kitchen. Everyone will find their missions for the week, in turn. The idea is to present it in the most playful way possible.

Rule # 5 Opt for different storage

Everyone should be able to find their belongings in a clearly assigned area, especially in common areas. The organization of the storage can be carried out in a simple way, for example using a cupboard with lockers. You can place it at the entrance or hallway to the rooms. Do not forget to place the labels with the names of each one. In the kitchen, you can differentiate with colors some compartments so that each one keeps their personal products. Finally, in the bathroom, you can place a column so each level is for each roommate.

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