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To bring nature to the house you need to gently erase the border between the outside and the inside. R3Dstudio recommends you adopt the vegetable trend with style. It is currently the preferred trend for architects and designers since they include it at the heart of their projects. Plants along the staircase, on the roof, around a chimney, to an indoor oasis, etc.

To convert your house into an open-air garden, you not only need to reconnect with the essential values of the earth, but also with innovations; for example you can place XXL windows, glass ceilings, outdoor patios with almost invisible partitions, many are the solutions to shine the green areas with elegance and fill your house with light.

INTERIOR GARDEN: Gathered in a charming courtyard, trees, palm trees, and alocasias make up an urban mini-jungle in the heart of this contemporary concrete house.

INTERIOR EXTERIOR: semi-open ceiling, large windows, suspended floors that create a pleasant continuity between the interior and the exterior, and the house becomes a real canopy.

SLIDING DOOR: To modernize this house, the architects imagined a contemporary extension in glass and metal. This extends the open kitchen to the dining room, to enjoy the terrace on sunny days.

PANORAMIC: with wide lateral openings, windows, large windows, contemporary skylights and a terrace on stilts, this extension serves as a true observatory of nature.

BALCONY: small spaces have a right to the outdoors. This window opens in two parts to become a small balcony. The principle is simple and ensures that the upper frame projects up to 45 ° and pushes it back, deploying side rails to create a balcony on the roof.

BONUS Without a budget? To imitate the outside without a complicated job, just a few plants and a lot of creativity. Here are some easy decorating ideas.

INDOOR JUNGLE To create it you can place hanging plants on the ceiling.

ARTISTIC Simple! uses a large mirror that reflects the garden, offering an illusion of nature in the house.

CULINARY Dedicate an area of the industrial kitchen to the plants because not a whole shelf covered with plants.

CACTUS This corner of the house is often unused because you do not place a series of cactuses in a row along the staircase.

SUSPENDED GARDEN What if we transport the garden directly in the room? you only need a piece of wire cut to the size of the area, hooks and light pots and you get a totally transformed space.

If you are interested in decorating with plants, you can also see the post where we talk about hanging plants in the following link

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